Monday, July 6, 2009

This last Week....

Well we had a rather eventful last week starting out on Monday with my 36 week appt. To make a long story short I spent the day in the hospital in Labor and Delivery.... however not to worry all is well. It was quite the wake up call to get things done around here though. Basically each exam gives me pretty intense contractions. Today's appointment went a better. They were VERY careful and still I have had to take it easy today. I am 50-60% effaced, lost my plug, and last week I was between a 1 and 2 cm dilated. This week I was more dilated but she didn't want to see how much more because she didn't want to put me into labor yet... my doctor doesn't get back in town until next week. I have dropped quite a bit in the last week and really progressed with LOTS of contractions so things are moving right along. We spent this entire last week getting all ready for baby and I think we are there! The crib set is made... however we have decided not to move Tiana out of the crib until a later date. The bedroom for the boys is rearranged and clothes are clean and put away as well as bags packed. Now after all of this we will be late of course! That is how it works but at least it made me get everything all ready so that I can relax a bit these last few weeks. I have lots of photos to post from the 4th but they will be coming tomorrow.
A little update on Keaton:
He has grown up SO much these past couple weeks. He is now always saying "What you talkin about Mom?", "What you doing?", "What is that?".... etc. He is trying really hard to learn what day of the week it is.... usually it is always Tuesday... however Daddy told him tonight that tomorrow was Tuesday so he asked him what today would be. Keaton responded "Monday"!
Also a little story from during convention... we were on our way home in the evening and I was talking about how the nursery door is really hard to get shut and it always gets slammed when Keaton started repeating over and over "slam it" only it came out with a d sound instead of an sl.... this solicited quite the reaction from the front seat. We were telling him how that is a bad word and not to say it while being QUITE confused as to WHERE he would have heard this from CONVENTION! He of course was really confused also and kept saying trying to clear the air. We then threatened to flick him if he didn't stop. He proceeded in saying "flick you" with no l which in turn also sounded bad!!!!! After a completely stunned look at one another we realized that he was trying to say flick.... which is now a word that is not uttered in this household! Then I went back over our conversation and realized that we don't "slam" doors..... we now "shut " them! We got a really good laugh out of this little calamity of errors and Keaton giggled along very confused as to WHAT his parents problem was! Goes to show that while learning to talk you can't always assume what you hear is what they are actually saying!


Mommy at Last said...

We're glad to hear that this week went better! Keep that little guy in for a little while longer...

The Keaton word story is hilarious! Thanks for sharing!