Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Daddy's Fishing Buddy.

Daddy took Keaton out to Wilson Ponds yesterday for a "big boy" outing. They spent about an hour in the backyard digging worms to feed the fish.... which he promptly dumped in the water when they got there. That's the way they do the fish food in Nana and Papa's pond so he did just that. Thank goodness Daddy had power bait and it worked. Keaton caught his first two fish.
Proud of his fish!

He insisted on taking them home!
Little fisherman in action.
When the fishing got slow he scared away any possible bites with rocks!

Daddy took the fish and grilled it last night for dinner. It was really tasty and Keaton got quite the kick out of providing dinner for us!
He did miss his little brother though while he was gone.
And of course a couple of Camden since he seems to change every day.


Will, Shelley, Chet and Zane said...

Congratulations!!!! Haven't ckecked your blog in awhile....what a CUTE little family!! Love the name Camden! We are SO happy for you, glad you are all doing great! The reactions of Keaton and Tiana toward Camden are so adorable!!