Monday, July 20, 2009

Two little fish

Some good friends of ours have a pool that they let us use whenever we can. The past few weeks I have been trying to take the kids over once a week but this is the first time that I remembered my camera. Tiana took a little bit to get used to the pool but she loves it now and of course Keaton always has loved the water. It just feels great for me too and we just may end up going over a couple times this week as long as I am not in labor yet. Today I was the only one in the pool with the kids and it went great. Nana was there for a few minutes to help get them in and take these photos.

Of course Keaton LOVES to jump in and splash us.

Today since I knew that I would be by myself we went and got the fish float for him as well as the arm bands so he could paddle around as he pleased. Of course it was lots of fun jumping in with this!
My little cold bug. Tiana could hang out in the water all day and not get chilled but Keaton gets cold and has to go warm up a couple times.

Here is a cute little video of Keaton jumping in and then Tiana squealing with delight.