Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July weekend

We had so many things to try to get done at home that we had a low key 4th of July. We started out the day by going and getting fireworks for the kids.
Daddy had sunglasses on so therefore both kids need theirs on too of course.

Can't get enough of these blue eyes.
Nana and Papa joined us for Dinner and fireworks in the evening. We got the kids the little popper fireworks and they loved them. Daddy clearing the way for Sissy who you never knew when she would throw it or where!

The little shoulder shrug... we see this all the time when she is being shy, or in this case Keaton had one go off right behind her.

Seeing the fireworks in the box. Needless to say they were both easy to please!
We tried sparklers which they liked but made us quite nervous!

Waiting patiently for another one from Daddy.
These little fountains were Tiana's favorite. She didn't mind the popping noise but REALLY didn't like any squealing. We lucked out and only had two in the entire box of fireworks that had any sort of squealing noise.

Keaton loved all of them and his favorite part was getting to choose which one we got to see next.

Tiana discovered a good use for my baby bump...... it makes a great pillow.
The other thing that was accomplished this weekend was my birthday present from Daddy was moved to it's resting spot. He made me a potting bench. It turned out beautiful and has been sitting in our garage until we could landscape an area in the back and put pavers down. He had a great time building it and it turned out perfect. Now we just need to get some more plants to beautify the area around it.
Sunday after meeting we went over to Grandma and Grandpa's for a late BBQ. Tiana finished off my ear of corn. It is getting quite crazy around there with 4 kids now.... we will soon be adding to that of course. I am just so glad that we are now not the only ones with a little bit of craziness going on.

These are two of Tiana's favorite things... well three if you count her pacifier, but she only has that when she is sleeping or in meeting. Last night she was so sleepy after bath that I gave her her pacifier, blanket and bunny to stall her until 8.
When all these things are in her possession she is one HAPPY girl. Even just her blanket and bunny usually do the trick. Grammy made her this blanket and she sleeps with it and just loves it.
Love these eyes.

One last little update on Tiana, she has another bottom tooth and two molars in now! She has really been drooling and I forgot about molars until we discovered them on Sunday night.