Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Water Fight

Daddy and the kids went out back to water the pots... Tiana decided to take an impromptu swim before the pool was emptied.
Since she was already wet and Keaton was really wanting to be, Daddy turned the hose on them much to their surprise and excitement.
Ducking her head to run through the shower.

Looks like Daddy won the water fight! Keaton was asking for the hose but Daddy was smart enough to not fall for that!

On a Keaton side note: He informed me today that he had to go potty BUT "You stay here, I will be right back". I was not allowed in the bathroom at all.... he even checked halfway there to make sure I wasn't following him! We have been trying to get him to do it himself and he would if we made him. All of the sudden today he has decided that he doesn't need my help and he is quite proud of himself!