Friday, August 7, 2015

Worth the Wait!

Weeeeell... I can say that we are very settled into our new house.  We were under the illusion that once we moved in, things would slow down! HA... those of you that have built before are laughing at this point! The spring and summer have been fulled with projects!  Trying to get a yard in, start landscaping etc! PLUS naps are officially over for these three kids of mine.  Moving in finished off Camden's nap time so I don't find myself sitting at the computer much any more. I am going to attempt to get this caught up so I can keep up now that all my babies will be in school in a few weeks! :(

We are going back to this winter now.  Tom and Shanna came through so we dropped everything and went to see them for an evening!!  Remington and Camden are only a few weeks apart in age so they had a grand time together!


Apparently Camden has shot up in height! 

Our first Sunday morning in our house and all I could think was that it was SO worth the wait!