Sunday, August 9, 2015

7 Year Old Birthday Photos and Pattern testing

We are just going to combine this post since they are all of Tiana.  I did a quick pattern test this spring of the Limon Dress.  It is a bit big but when I paired it with a gold belt it looks great! A little bit vintage and she chose the fabric!!

Walking back from Nana and Papa's with the sun just right and some dandelions perfect for blowing in the neighbors yard equals.... Photo op!

This is a new dress for this summer.  This is one of those patterns that I wonder why it took me so long to make it!  Quick and easy! Oliver+S Rollerskating Dress.

This dress was her Sunday of convention dress.  Her last one with ruffle fabric became to small so we had to make her another one! This may be my favorite dress!

This maxi skirt was for our family photos.  She LOVES maxi skirts so of course she loves this one! This is the Pink Fig maxi skirt and I love the fit of it.

Lastly this dress... you can tell that she went through a growth spurt and required an entire Sunday wardrobe! You won't see me complaining.  I will take full advantage of this until she tells me that she doesn't want to wear Mommy made.... and then I will cry! ;) This is the Violette Field Threads Cosette Pattern the possibilities are endless with this pattern!  In the past I have made the maxi length but this time around I went for a shorter look. Tiana looooooves horses so this one was a hit for her. OH and as a side note.... I got my new pro-camera in and so I "needed" to test it out! So we went to the lake and took Tiana's new dress!