Friday, August 7, 2015

Spring Break

A few weeks after we got back was spring break!!

An evening of Twister always makes for great laughs!
 We are doing allergy shots with Tiana so we have to head into town every week for that.  We were really good at meeting up with friends to make it a fun day!
The Village with Maddie and Lincoln.

We watched Kason and Stella for the day.... Stella isn't in our house more than 2 minutes before this princess dress is on! She wears it the entire time!  She had to have her hair just like Tianas... cute cousins!
 Serious games of basketball happen almost daily!

 We took the kids to miniature golf over spring break. We happened to drive in the exact same time as Dave and Jeannie and their kids!  It was so much fun spending the evening with them!!!

 We also spent a beautiful day at the zoo with Lincoln and Maddie.

Haha this cracks me up!! The giraffe was climbing up close to the railing and leaning WAY forward.  While trying to get a good photo he stuck his tongue out at me! 

Keaton was there too but he was holding Lincolns hand and going wherever he wanted to go!