Sunday, August 9, 2015

Mother's Day and a new addition

Mother's day is an emotional day for me. I am so very very thankful as I look at my family for the 2 birth mothers that so selflessly made me a Mommy. This is something that I think of daily but on Mother's day especially it is made very real. I can't imagine life without these three.  They sure can keep me busy but I love every moment.

In the middle of the rash of end of April-beginning of May birthdays... my newest nephew was born!!! Mark and Kyla welcomed Quentin! Over Mother's Day weekend we got to spend a little time with him and big sister Brynlee! I got to take his photos and get lots of cuddles in with this little chunk!

One of the families in our Sunday morning meeting moved away this spring so we had to get a photo of all of the kids in the meeting before they left.  Now we are down 3 but we are so lucky to still have 11 kids in our meeting on Sundays. Love each and every one of these kiddos!!!

Goofy time!