Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Parma Convention

As per normal we had a wonderful convention!  The kids did great and actually napped in a few of the afternoon meetings... they were exhausted from getting up early and playing so hard!
I made this early this spring... I love the high waist modification I added to the Charlie Mack a doodle dress pattern.

These girls! Cora lives right here and Tiana and her go to school together. Chloe was up from California so these cousins were inseparable! Cora said to Tiana on Thursday.... "Chloe is MY cousin!" I told her that Chloe was Tiana's cousin as well!  Their minds were BLOWN that they could all be cousins (well second cousins but that is too much for them to totally understand)!

Camden and Jasper... two peas in a pod.  These two think alike and were best buddies all through convention! Listening in on their conversations were priceless!!

 Fathers Day... how did we get so lucky? He is so involved with every aspect of the kids' lives.  He is there for bad dreams, and celebrates little milestones along side them.  He is kind, loving, patient, and a wonderful example.  We are so very thankful that he is ours!

Keaton is a baby boy, always has been, always will be.  He is patient and loving with the little ones and genuinely loves spending time with them! Little Miss Mira was leading him around by the tie and he was just following along enjoying every minute!

These two did not want to say goodbye and wished they lived closer!  Can't wait until we see them over the holidays!