Sunday, August 9, 2015

Tiana turns 7!

First of all Mommy had a birthday!! How did I get so lucky?!?

Little Missy turned 7!  WOW, the years have flown by.  Tiana is kind and loving... she loves anything that has to do with bugs and dirt but is about the girliest girl you have ever seen at the same time! She loves to read, sing and do anything artistic! I don't know how we got so lucky! Her birthday was on a Sunday so she got to choose where we went out to eat and then she got to open her presents after we got home.  This year we are doing no toy birthdays since we are getting a few big items for the yard!  We got a new trampoline for all the kids for her birthday. Art supplies, books and games are what all of the kids are getting for their gifts.  She LOVED it of course!

 Tiana's party was the next weekend and she wanted a Fancy Nancy party!  She didn't want a cake (hence the cake on her actual birthday... I had to make one for her sometime) she wanted Parfaits (aka fancy ice cream sundaes)!
Birthday dress that Mommy made!

VERY excited kids that they could make their OWN parfaits!

For party favors I found stick on mustaches for the boys and feather boas and glasses to go around! It was SO cute seeing them all dressed up.  We got lots of laughs at the boys!

Goofy pose!

Cute girlies!

Crazy boys!

And us Moms had to get in on it as well!