Friday, August 7, 2015

Puerto Vallarta

The end of February brought our business rewards trip.  This time it was to Puerto Vallarta Mexico.  We were very excited to be back since this is where we spent our honeymoon 11 years before!
 Our resorts never cease to amaze us!  This was a relatively small resort compared to some years but it was VERY clean and nice!

A long walk on the beach is always nice to get the lay of the land.

Taking goofy photos to send to the kids at home with Grandma and Grandpa!

 Papa and Daddy being goofy now!

Nana was all ready to take a pretty picture of the bird when Daddy decided to chase the same bird!!

EWWWW... sea snake!

Evening Sunset from our balcony!

 We took a taxi into downtown Puerto Vallarta and spent the day wondering around the town.

The many colors in all of these rocks were amazing!

Like their barbwire!?! Shards of glass on top of the wall!

This is what we remember riding in on our honeymoon.... old HOT buses!

Haha... I had to walk through a fabric store!  Plus it had air conditioning so it was a perfect place to cool off.

I love the wood doors and metal work!

YAY for Starbucks!  Their spelling on our names though were hilarious! Keyla and Benjamin.

 The next day we had a taxi driver take us around so some other towns!
Elementary school!

This art is all made out of bottle caps!

This beach had stairs up to an over look.  The stairs were made out of broken colored tile!  It was so unique and pretty.


The last day we just spent reading and relaxing by the pool!  In the evening we took a walk on the beach.
When payroll hits during vacation... work must be done! I guess working with coffee in the sunshine beats an office in the snow!


 Time to go home already!  We missed our kids like CRAZY!!!!