Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hints of Spring

This afternoon we headed to the park... with this 70* weather you have to enjoy it.  Of course, everyone else had the same idea but the kids still had fun.  Camden finally got up the courage to go all the way to the top of the play set and go down the twisty slide all by himself.

Tiana loves hanging and swinging from the monkey bars.

This little monkey didn't want me to take his photo and so he spent most of the time avoiding me at all cost!

Caught him peeking at me!

Tiana LOVES the swings, she is almost too big for the baby swings but isn't quite old enough for the big swings... good thing she still likes being squeezed into the baby swings!

They had a great time giggling together!

And trying to touch hands!

Keaton can almost do the monkey bars all by himself!  He still thinks that he needs me to hold onto his legs.... even though I keep telling him that I am not really doing anything!

Watching a soccer game!

Running down the hill to tackle Mommy!

Taking one last "roll" down the hill!
 We then headed down the street to Sonic to get a half price slush before nap time!
Comparing tongue colors!

The kids just woke up so back outside we go!!  Hope you are all enjoying your day and that it has been as nice as ours!


Mike, Amanda, Dane, and Nora said...

Great pictures of the kids! I must say that your post labeled "Hints of Spring" looks much more like spring than mine. We had more snow/rain mix all day today. Oh well, it will get here someday... won't it?