Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Papa's Birthday!

Yesterday we headed over to help Papa celebrate his birthday!  We stopped by and saw Grandma Great on the way and got a little dress crocheted by Tiana's great-great-great Grandma!!!  Grandma Great has photos of herself in it when she was little and we can't wait to do Tiana's photos in it this spring.  It is BEAUTIFUL and looks so cute on her.  Now I just have to make a slip to go under it and find some crocheted lace for the trim.

Papa had lots of help blowing out candles!

They were very willing to take out all the candles for some strange reason!

When we were little Dad always used to give us towel rides where he would swing us back and forth and then flip us over!  From time to time he gives the kids rides.  This was Camden's first time and he thought it was fun the first swing then was yelling SCARY SCARY!  Tiana took one ride and was DONE... no more!

Keaton pretty much loved it!!

Daddy gave it a try!

Up and....

Around!!!  No Keaton didn't fall out but the photo makes it look pretty scary!!  Daddy got better at it after this!

Papa and his kids!

Happy Birthday, we love you!