Friday, March 18, 2011


We saw some improvement with Tiana today!  Her appetite has started to come back so we don't have to worry about that anymore!  She is still coughing but it seems to have loosened up a bit which is good news.  I was just realizing tonight that she has been on Prednisone for a few days now and it hasn't made her really hyper and kept her awake.... this just means that we had one really sick girl on our hands!  The next few days we just expect to keep getting better.  She finally slept through the night last night (still coughed but it didn't wake her up), so now we just need to get her brothers to do the same.  Camden is having a rough time with this cold, I think he is getting his 2 year molars in at the same time!
I have felt like a pharmacy lately with Tiana's 2 antibiotics, plus Prednisone and her 3 nebulizer meds... on top of that we have cold medicine and Motrin that are being used for the boys!  That is a lot to keep track of!
On a little side note:
Tiana has started asking for a "careful cup" for dinner... aka not a sippy cup.  We always ask her if she is going to be careful and remind her constantly through out dinner to be careful.  Therefore, a big girl cup is a careful cup.  Also, since she is very much a girl she has to choose her color, which has made Keaton realize that this is a wonderful idea!  She does a good job with a big girl cup when she pays attention, but you see, the problem is we have a little girl who dances through life.... even at the dinner table!
As for Camden, we should start just calling him Me Too!  He says that phrase more times than I can count every day.  You can be telling him that he can do something and he will chime in "me too, me too".  This phrase really just describes him to a T right now.  He never wants to miss out on ANYTHING and wants to do EVERYTHING that his brother and sister get to do.  He doesn't see himself as the youngest child, he wants to be just the same as Tiana.  Really in a lot of ways him and Tiana are just like twins.  They have to play together all the time, they have to go potty at the same time, they have to eat the same thing, and the list goes one.  This usually means that Camden will do whatever Tiana tells him to do... not to worry though... when Camden wants to play cars, Tiana is right there playing with him.  The other morning Tiana accidental hurt Camden.  I was comforting him and Tiana was trying to give him kisses and hugs.  I thought for sure that he was going to get mad at her so I told her that she needed to leave him alone right now.  Well I thought wrong, Camden got mad at ME for getting after Tiana!  How dare I!!  Keaton and Tiana both can't stand to have Camden get in trouble, they will even change the story of what happened to make it so Camden doesn't get in trouble (or so they think, I do see right through it!).  They forget that Moms have eyes in the back of their heads!  They all have their fair share of fights but Camden has Keaton and Tiana wrapped around his little fingers!  The last few weeks it has warmed my heart to see the soft spot that they both have for Camden.  I often hear them both say "he is so cute" or "Camden is so funny Mom".  He goes around saying "hug, hug" chasing you with wide open arms and we all oblige!  He asks for a "hand" and Keaton and Tiana stop what they are doing and hold his hand with a sweet little grin on their faces!  Lately with Camden being sick he has been asking me "baby, rock a baby, teetop" when he wants me to rock him like a baby.  Tonight he woke up wanting a "hug" and then a "cuddle".  He is talking up a storm and the last week he has been consistently putting 2 and 3 words together.  He has almost lost his voice with this cold and it has been nice to have him not be able to scream!  Don't get me wrong, he is a cute cuddly sweet little guy but sometimes we see a little monster come out... at least lately he has been a silent monster... that scream gets on all of our nerves!  It is so loud that it usually prompts the other kids to simply give him what he wants to make it stop... therefore making it quite effective and also a problem!
We look forward to getting back to the normal everyday chaos we call life, with a little more sleep, a lot more smiles and laughter, a little more sewing and a lot less medicine!!


Country Family said...

I am SO glad you are all getting better, even a little bit! Been wanting to call you back, but been crazy soon!