Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Girls Weekend

This last weekend I left my little family behind and flew to Austin to meet my best friend for some much needed girl time!  The weather was AMAZING and so was our hotel!  We were staying on Lake Travis at Lakeway Inn.  Friday we went to the Outlet Mall and Ikea, Saturday was raining so we relaxed, got a massage and went out to a nice dinner.  Sunday was meeting and then the sun came out and so we got to read and relax in the sunshine!!!  It was perfect in every way.  The kids did great at home with Daddy and Nana and Papa!
Outside our hotel.

Our room!
One of the pools!


Overlooking the pools and lake.

The hotel was just awesome overlooking the lake.

Our nice dinner!  And the drink is cherry lemonade! :)

The Mansion was so beautiful.  The architecture and details were amazing.

YUM!  Pecan crusted trout, it was just as good as it looked!

Taking these fun photos brought back so many memories of our many vacations together!

We spent Sunday Afternoon right here listening to the water and the birds while reading!

At the bottom of the steps is where we read for a couple hours!

We then went up and enjoyed the sunshine and took naps by the pool and got some sun!

We had a wonderful time together not having to worry about kids nap time and bedtime... to be on our own schedules and enjoying the quiet!  Now though, it is nice to be home cuddling my little ones. 


Mommy at Last said...

That looks wonderful! Glad you got a little 'me' time!

Country Family said...

aaawwww! I wanna go back! Enjoyed every minute!! GREAT pics!! :) (besides the ones of me :) ha)

MSue and BMcD said...

Sign me up!! I think some sort of girls weekend is in my NEAR future! Looks like you had a ton of fun, and that hotel is GORGEOUS!

Sandra Ramey said...

There's nothing quite as valuable as girl time...and looks like you made the most of it! Thansk for sharing:)