Thursday, March 17, 2011

Then and Now

We had a nice day last week before the kids got sick!  We got a new "to us" trampoline for the kids!  They love it!  We got a good laugh out of Tiana's hair, and of course our girl makes goofy faces to go along with it!

Hopefully this will help get some energy out!

 A couple weeks ago we went to her Pulmonologist and found out that she isn't allergic to anything.  We didn't figure that she was but it was nice to confirm.  Of course we don't know why she has asthma we will just have to wait it out and see if she grows out of it.  If it ends up being hereditary the chances are greater that she won't grow out of it.  We asked about sending her to preschool next year and he said that we should.  He said that he has found that the more they are exposed to can help build their immune system and strengthen her lungs therefore help them to grow out of asthma faster.  He also did say that we would probably have a miserable year but that is what they were there for... he said that we can't let her asthma change what we would normally do.  If we put her in a bubble then she probably won't be able to outgrow this.  So here goes! At least we have some experts working with us to deal with it! 
Soon after these photos Tiana started running a 103-103.5 fever!  She ran it all weekend and by Monday she wouldn't even stand up to get dressed.  Monday we were in the doctor, she has pneumonia (AGAIN, second time in a month) and a double ear infection.  She is on Augmentin as well as Prednisone again.  Of course we are on her 3 normal asthma meds every 4 hours in her nebulizer (which takes about 25 minutes, in the middle of the night this is quite a pain)!  I talked to her Pulminologist on the phone and he was very worried that she had pneumonia again a short two weeks after the last time.  He wanted her on a second antibiotic if she wasn't a lot better by today.  He has been seeing some pneumonia that has been resistant to antibiotics.  Today her fever has been better but her cough is still really bad so we headed back into the doctor and she is on Zithromax as well.  Hopefully with all of this she will pull through faster.  Our doctor is concerned that she hasn't been eating much at all for the past 4 or 5 days.  She has lost almost 3 pounds in the last week.  We aren't that worried because she has been so sick and she will gain it right back.  The Prednisone should increase her appetite and if it doesn't we will get back into the doctor again!  All her meds just seem to change the way things taste.  Today though she has eaten a piece of toast and one chicken nugget so this is progress!

 This what we have seen a lot of this week from her!
 The boys have the bug now but seem to be doing fine so far.  Our doctor checked out their ears and they looked fine so they should be getting better soon.  I hope so... this Mommy needs to get some sleep!!
Playing with "bbbbrm brms" aka cars!


amydee said...

Hang in there, Kyla! It's not easy on the moms when their kiddos are sick!

Becky Gonce said...

Aww, it just breaks my heart to see the picts of Tiana obviously sick. Poor girl! Poor Mama...sure hope things are getting better!