Friday, April 1, 2011

Fun in the Sun

I think this year the biggest April Fool's joke will be the weather!  It was another beautiful 70* day and tomorrow is supposed to be 52* and rainy again!  Needless to say we enjoyed every minute of it!
We headed over for a playdate since the kids are FINALLY all well enough to attend!  They so enjoy it and of course so do us Moms!  Keaton is the oldest of the 11 kids who are usually there but not by much.  Cousin Kason was sick so we missed him but everyone else was well! It really is amazing how many kids there are about the same age.  We love it!
Keaton drew Cora a photo and was telling her all about it!

"ook it, Mommy, bue!"  Camden wants to know his colors so bad and is starting to learn them.  He loved playing with the chalk... last summer he just ate it!

All of us except little Maddie who was taking a nap inside!

Camden wanting me to trace him... right next to Keaton and Tiana's outlines.

I love how he talks about what he is drawing!

Cousin Remington and Camden are a few weeks apart in age and they are so funny together.  Neither of them are very adventurous except when they are together!  They will venture off with each other and not even think twice about it.  We had to laugh about them today because as soon as one would start doing something, the other would start to grin and do it too!  We are going to have our hands full with these two.  From the back they look so much alike since they are close in size and hair color!

Camden started smiling when Remington decided he was done sitting on the stairs!

They were throwing little rocks at us which didn't work for very long since they have decent arms on them and started pegging us pretty good!
 This evening we ate outside again and then headed down to the common area to play some baseball.  Keaton does really good with his stance and his batting!

Tiana on the other hand.........

Poses instead of having any type of stance!

And makes this face... no wonder she never hits it!

So Daddy taught her how to stand.  We then told her to look at us so she could see the ball.  She immediately pops her knee and grins in a pose!

She then took up what she is lots better at..... Cheering and Dancing!

Goofy girl doesn't look like she is going to be a softball star!