Sunday, March 6, 2011

Memories and Funny Sayings

Davina just posted some things that she didn't want to forget about the trip and I am so glad she did because it made me smile!  Just a few things to add:
*I love how we don't get to see each other much (although we talk on the phone all the time) but we still complete each others thoughts and finish each others sentences. There is no time getting back to the comfortable part of the friendship, we are just always there. We can make fun of each other and no one gets offended.  The kind of friendship that you never run out of things to talk about but yet are comfortable in silence also.  Friendships like this are priceless and I never want to forget how special it is to have a friend that is also a mom and that knows you as well as you know yourself.
*Talking to Keaton on the phone he would always end the conversation abruptly, come to find out later as soon as his little chin would quiver he would hang up.  He didn't want me to know how bad he was missing me.  However..... on Sunday night I talked to him and he said, "So Mommy, can you find your own way home tomorrow from the airport, me and my Daddy are going to be busy playing!"  So I know he didn't miss me too much to interupt him having fun!
*I have heard constantly from Tiana since I got back, "Mommy, I missed you so bad!"
*Camden did NOT want me to tuck him into bed and leave the room the day I got back.  He was afraid I was going to leave again.  The next morning I heard "Daddy, Daddy".  When I walked into his room he squeals, "MOOOOMMMMY, Hiiiii".

A couple things I have been meaning to write down for a while now:
On the way to Wed. night meeting this is a conversation I had with Keaton.
K: Mommy, someday I want to go in the dark.
Me: You mean in the sky? In outer space?
K: YES, just me and my Daddy, we are going to go into outer space!
Me:  Well honey, you have to have a rocket to go into outer space.
K: (thinking for a few minutes) Ok, that's no problem, my Daddy has lots of tools so me and my Daddy, we will make one.  Then we will go into outer space together.
Me:  It isn't quite that easy.  There is a place called NASA and they build rockets.  If you want, when you get older, you can be an astronaut, that is what people are called when they go into space.
K: (thinks again)  OK, I have a GREAT idea.
Me: Let's hear it.
K: Well, I will go get a astronaut person costume and dress up and go to that one place that makes rockets and they will think I am an astronaut and give me a rocket.  THEN me and my Daddy are going to go up into outer space!

I just love his thinking process... really his solution is pretty brilliant... not that NASA hands out rockets!!

At gospel meeting they started having the person leading the singing have a microphone.... on the way home Keaton says.  "So, I have just one question....something was very weird..... why was that speaker thing singing?  It was really quite obnoxious!"
I can just see him now sitting in meeting looking at the microphone.... with no one standing behind it.... and it was singing!!!  I don't think he heard anything because he was SO confused!  We of course explained that there was a second microphone that someone was singing in... and then it all made sense and it was all good!

His new expression is "Oh brother". Also, we are borrowing my brothers Wii for awhile and Keaton calls it the "kiwi".

Camden loves climbing onto beds, but he can't get down without getting scared.  The other evening I had Keaton go help him down because we were both busy making dinner.  Camden comes out grinning and laughing.... Keaton followed him and was telling us how that he helped him but Camden hit is leg on the way down.  As soon as Camden hurt this is little ears perked up and he gasped then started whining and crying saying "Owie leg, hug."  And comes over to collect his hug from me (he likes hugs rather than kisses to make it better).  Then is fine again!  He learns his drama from his big sister!  He also knows the colors pink and purple perfectly.... Tiana always points out anything and everything pink and purple so Camden knows them too.  They are SO SO SO very close!