Thursday, February 17, 2011


Well this little girl despite looking alright is one sick cookie.  I just knew yesterday that something was wrong, call it mothers intuition... she has never been this cranky.  She was just beside herself crying and saying that her head hurt and her tummy hurt and it hurt when she coughed.  She just would curl up in my lap and cry.  I have never seen her like this... she is tough and never complains... she has had a double ear infection and never complained at all... so when she complains I KNOW something is up.  I got her into her doctor today and found out that she has pneumonia!!!!!!  Never thought I would be relieved to have her have pneumonia. However, this is better than having her asthma be so bad that all her meds don't keep it under control even when she doesn't have a cold!  That to me is WAY scarier!  So now she going to be starting on an antibiotic as well as another round of Prednisone.  She had to have an x-ray done and she was amazing!  She stood still and didn't even cry!  So we will get her better and get her into the specialist on the 2nd.  Of course the pneumonia developed because of her asthma so it will be wonderful to get her some help so that we can prevent this in the future.  In the meantime, we will keep her away from any more germs.  Looks like fun places like Monkey Bizness and Jabbers is out for a while for Tiana, we can't chance that she get sick again until we can get her asthma under control.  I am so glad that we decided to take her in because since this morning she has started running a fever and has been freezing cold (those of you who know her know that she is our little hot bug and is NEVER cold).  Can't wait for the meds to kick in!
Tiana and Daddy stayed home from mtg last night and they had fun, just Daddy daughter time.  They made a fun new recipe (more about this later).

She was being a GOON!

Her crown!

Pretending to listen to her brain!

Today Grandma came over to help with the boys while we spend 2 1/2 hours in the doctor's office.  She borrowed her reading glasses and loved them.  They looked so cute on her.

I am so so ready for her to be our normal goofball all the time like usual.  I can't stand to only see this little girl for a few minutes a day!  It has been three weeks since she first got a cold and so it is about time she gets back to normal!


AmyB said...

The kissy lips picture is TO DIE FOR! Love it! Hope she kicks the bug...and that you all have some healthy days coming up.

Cassandra said...

such a little cutie!

hope she's on the road to recovery :)