Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Here is an adorable video of the kids skiing.  Once we got up there Keaton kept wanting to go up the BIG mountain and was quite disappointed that we didn't take him up that one.  Daddy didn't get off the lift in time and had to jump with Keaton the first time up.  Also, Tiana seemed to think that rolling her little arms around while she was skiing was how she would steer... which ironically actually worked since she leaned her body the same way!  There is also a little clip in there of her getting mad at me.  You hear, "Stop pushing me"  She did NOT want me to hold on to her, she wanted to do it HERSELF!


AmyB said...

Now I can see why your back is killing you :-) You can get a ski harness for $20 or so! Looks like the kids had fun!