Sunday, January 30, 2011

Painting Projects!

Here is what we have been busy doing these past couple of weeks!  Paint, paint and more paint!  We have been wanting to re-do our bedroom for a while now.  We got a new bed set that is grey, blue, turquoise, green and khaki.  We painted the wall behind our bed dark grey and then the other three walls a dusty dark blue.  Before it was a really pale blue and more floral (sorry no photos).  We love how it came together.  Modern but still cozy.

 That was last weekend... this was this weekend.  We decided to paint our kitchen and dining room.  One of the selling points of this house was the kitchen.  I have always loved it and can't believe how much the paint accents it.  When we moved into this house we were so excited that the walls were khaki and not white... now that we have been here for 4 years it was SO khaki, everywhere!  Friday night we put the kids to bed and got out the paint!  We got done with the kitchen and dining room about 12:15 at night and decided that the living room needed some color and while the paint was out we may as well keep at it!  So glad we did (even though it was 2:30 before we were in bed and darling Tiana woke up at 7:20!) it looks awesome!  Now we wonder why it took us so many years to paint.

Here is a before...

and after!  The wall under the counter and on the sliding glass door wall is a darker milk chocolate.  All the rest is a bit lighter!

 Living room:
We decided to take the paint on around this wall into the living room.  You see this wall as you walk in the front door.

And the other wall we painted was the pop out that the fireplace is in.   I think I will be changing out that big photo for an even bigger canvas photo.  It looks rather tiny on a huge wall even though it is a 16x20 photo.

The big picture.

It was a lot of work but we love the end result! 


Rachel said...

definitely LOVE the kitchen color choice! It really makes the kitchen look elite! Great job Benji and Kyla!!

Olymom said...

There's nothing like a new coat of paint! It just makes everything feel fresh! Nice job!

Will, Shelley, Chet, Zane and Reid said...

What a nice, cozy house! It all looks so good! =)