Friday, January 28, 2011

New Videos

Here is another video of Keaton skiing.  This last time he did amazing!  He learned how to "make pizza" aka snowplow.  The analogy worked perfect, as soon as we told him to make his skis like pizza he was good to go.  Tiana still just wants to bomb down the hill as fast as she can go... maybe next year she will get the whole concept... or not and she will give us a heart attack.  She has GREAT balance on the skis so there is hope that at least if she always goes fast she won't fall down a ton!  The last half of the video is Tiana being the goon she is.  She loves talking in a funny voice (not always the same funny voice) and also loves coming up with new and different funny faces.  She has just learned how to wink, I will have to get a photo because it is adorable!  Last night she did yoga with me.  Cutest thing ever.  If we can we will try to video it because it is priceless.  Nothing like winding down in the evening like a workout with some laughs, nose to nose with my little girl.  She kept saying "Mommy this yoga stuff is easy" or "I love this workout with you".  She would have me help her get into the poses (as good as she could).  One time she was actually doing a move perfectly and about halfway through she said, "OUCH, this yoga hurts!".  Priceless.