Thursday, January 6, 2011

Family Photos

As you can tell it was snowing during our photos.  It would slow down so we would get all ready and head out for it to start snowing really hard as soon as we were all set up.  The one that is a keeper just took a LOT of photoshop work retouching out all of the snowflakes!
Just got a kick out of this one.  The kids are cute, it is good of everyone and then there is Ryan!  Not surprising... just typical!

Here is the keeper!  Love the way it turned out.

Ryan and Chelsea

And this shows my youngest brothers personality! Looks like Chelsea fits right in!

Mom and Dad.  We were going to take photos of them this last summer for their 30th anniversary but it never happened.  We got a few in the snow instead!

And a few of us.  By the time that we get done with family photos usually the last thing we think about is one of the two of us.  Uncle Mark and Auntie Kyla took the kids back to the house though so we get a few taken!

Camden 17 Months


Sandra Ramey said...

All very sweet! Thanks for sharing them!

Twila said...

Amazing how those pine trees just SPRUNG up behind you!! ;-) Love the pics! If there is extra ones... your Mom can send one :-) if she's still talking to me that is...

Susan said...

You truly have talent! These are beautiful....