Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Break

Daddy had a long couple weeks of work before Christmas and Christmas day, so we enjoyed a lot of time over at Nana and Papa's house the week before Christmas.
Wednesday we made Gingerbread Houses.  Keaton wanted to make one with Auntie Kyla.
Camden shows just what happens when you eat a candy cane....
and then eat some sprinkles... they tend to get stuck everywhere!
Eat a bite.....
Stick a few.... repeat!
I love it when I see this!
The finished village.
Each day included some play in the snow.  With lots of Uncles around there were slides built and snowball fights to be had!  Tiana would lay on her tummy and have Uncle Mark push her down.
Tiana also enjoyed standing at the bottom until Keaton would slide down and knock her over.

Friday night we had a beautiful Christmas Eve dinner with some of the extended family.

Camden ate LOTS of strawberry pretzel salad, and enjoyed every last bite!

We always have said that Camden is our little goon.... he loves to make people laugh and will be silly just to get a reaction.

During dinner was no exception.

Tiana and Camden love playing in the shower!

We so enjoyed spending a little bit of time with Grammy and Poppy.
 Daddy had to work on Christmas so we were VERY ready to get away.  Sunday after meeting we headed up to New Meadows for a few days.  It snowed almost the entire time we were there and we loved it!!  We don't do much with the kids for Christmas (present wise), however they have Uncles and an Auntie and Uncles girl friend and Nana and Papa who love spoiling their kids!!!  We got up to New Meadows to a pile of presents for the kids to open!
Camden opened one and then just wanted to play with it!

Keaton got a watch that he has been wanting FOREVER!!

Tiana NOT impressed with Uncle Ryan's wrapping job which included as much tape as wrapping paper!

The kids got slippers from Auntie Kyla and Uncle Mark, they all LOVE them and wear them every day!

Uncle Derek, Uncle Ryan and Chelsea made her a Build-a-bear... which she LOVES!!!!

In there made by Nana and made by Auntie Kyla jammies and of course with their slippers.

 Monday we took the kids skiing for the first time!  They LOVED it.  We couldn't believe how good they both did.  Keaton was a little nervous about it but Tiana had been SO excited about it for weeks.

Bad quality on these but they were so excited to get their equipment.  If you have any little skis or boots that you want to sell let us know!!! 

All ready to go down to the little lift.
 About the fourth or fifth time up the lift Keaton lost one of his skis.  We spent quite a bit of time waiting for them to find it and bring it to us... while we were waiting Tiana decided she had enough of this and took off.  Thank goodness we brought Chelsea (Uncle Ryan's girlfriend whom we have known for a long time) along to take photos and video because she was able to run and catch her before she skied into the parking lot!  She was NOT happy with us... she wanted to keep skiing.  From that point forward she would ski between Chelsea and I.  She did great considering she is only 2.5.  All day I heard, "Faster Mom, FASTER!"  as we went down the hill!  Keaton did awesome too, we have never been able to totally tire him out like we did this day!  The kids were so tired by the end that they couldn't even stand up anymore!  Keaton skied some on his own also and will get the hang of it in no time.  Daddy had Keaton all day so I don't know any little details of what happened!  The thing he talks about most is loosing his ski!  It made quite an impression!

This is one of the reasons that the next morning I woke up and couldn't move.... holding dead weight down the hill the first few times.

Getting off the chair lift the first time!
I don't have any more photos of the last few days because after this point I couldn't hardly move!  Earlier this same day I had fallen on the snow and between that and skiing with Tiana I threw my back out.  I had a muscle spasm and a pinched nerve and was miserable.  I have been to the Chiropractor twice and am now seeing a Physical Therapist/Chiropractor and am seeing a bit of improvement thank goodness... it has been a miserable week pain-wise.  We did go to Gold Fork hotsprings which is beautiful, but it was dark so no photos.  Tiana loved to sit in the snow and then jump into the pool.  There was a small section that is only about 2 foot deep that the kids loved.  We were in the main part (also warmer) when Tiana asked to go back into the "kitty cat pool".  She had heard us call it the kiddy pool!
What a group!  Daddy went back home a day and a half before we did and I forgot to grab out Keaton's swimsuit.  He was wearing Camden's.... can't believe I could squeeze him into it.  And Camden was just wearing his swim diaper!
In this last week and a half Camden has just taken off talking!  He is putting a few words together now and talking all the time.  Dada and mama have now become Daddy and Mommy (so cute).  He loves to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (up-abuda-old-o-HIGH,lika-dia-ina-SKY,inkl-inkl-uda-STAR....).  I need to get a video of it.  He gets it stuck in his head and sings it over and over and over again ALL DAY LONG!
Keaton has quite the little attitude now when he gets into trouble.  I was getting after him for being rough with his sister and told him that he couldn't play football with Daddy until he could learn to be more gentle with his sister.  This is usually a huge punishment that really bothers him.  This time though, he turned around and said, "Well, I guess it is a good thing that I don't WANT to play football then, huh!".  He really is too smart for his own good sometimes!