Sunday, January 30, 2011

Camden: 18 Months

Where has the last year and a half gone?  I can't believe Camden is 18 months old!  I am so enjoying him right now, this is the first time that I have ever had an 18 month old without another baby!!!  When Tiana was 18 months old I had a 4 month old baby!  Needless to say this age is fun... well besides the terrible two moments that have started all ready!  YIKES!  I am starting to hear "NO mines" a LOT lately.  Camden talks about the same amount as Tiana did probably... which is a TON for an 18 month old.  He will say anything you tell him to say and puts two words together all of the time and he is now starting to put three words together quite a bit.  He is quite the little copy cat.  Anytime ANYONE is talking he repeats everything they say... even if his siblings are in trouble and getting a little talking to from me.  Some of my favorite little things he is always saying are: "o-tay" ok "hewoah" hello (also what he calls a phone) "es" yes "tinana" Tiana "Canden" Camden "Keanon" Keaton "where go, der tis" where did it go, there it is! "doll done" all done... the list goes on!  He calls his nose his "beep" since everytime he pushes Daddy's nose it beeps!  He is always asking us for "ugs" hugs and kisses.  He loves his older brother and sister and looks up to them.  He copies everything they do.  Camden can always be found singing or dancing.  He knows almost all of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, his ABC's he gets a lot of the letters in.  He also loves and knows most all of the songs from the Ivan Ulz cd that we have, Fire Truck, Hotta Hotta Chocolatta, etc.  He is getting to know all of our graces for meals and sings loud and proud!  At his 18 month appointment he weighed in at a lightweight 24 pounds (30%) and a LONG 34.5 inches long (96%).

In order for us to get him to sit down on the truck stool we said BEEP every time he sat.  He was beeping his nose at the same time!

This kid LOVES hats.  He often wears one just around the house for fun!

Dancing away! (click to enlarge)

Gets the giggles! (click to enlarge)