Sunday, August 25, 2013

School is in session!

 We are loving living close to Daddy's work!  The kids are always VERY excited to see Daddy when he comes home for lunch!!

School started this week! Keaton has done wonderfully of course!  He was a little nervous about the bus ride with all the big kids but it went great.  He loves his class and his teacher.  He has loved being able to eat lunch at school and usually eats hot lunch!
First day of First Grade!
Tiana was very excited for Kindergarten.  She popped right out of bed and when we got there she kept asking me when I was going to leave!  All of the Moms were standing around and Tiana kept turning and whispering, "Mom, I thought you were going to GO!" I went back and rode the bus with her... she didn't even want to sit by me! Needless to say, she loves school and was totally fine on her own.  She had to have an asthma treatment at school on Friday so she has a little bit of nervousness... not that she will admit it!  I am so glad that she isn't having a hard time!
First Day of Kindergarten!

Kindergarten and First Grade.

I love that they are going to a 5-star school!!  Yet another reason we are glad that we came back!  I also love that I went to school here, as well as Papa, and Grandma and Grandpa Great also went to school here!!!

Tiana lost her first top tooth on Thursday!  Quite the week of firsts for her!