Saturday, August 10, 2013

Big Island Days 12-14

These were some really busy days since the entire family was together.  We crammed a lot into a few days together!  We took the kids down to the bay in Kona to do some snorkeling, they did great and saw LOTS of fish and turtles!  This was a highlight of the trip for sure!

Couldn't walk in her flippers so Daddy carried her!

Tiana, Daddy, Keaton and Nana.

Keaton with a turtle!!

Camden and I hung out on the beach waiting for his turn!

We didn't know how it would go or how much he would see... or how long he would last!
 It was SO CUTE!!!  Daddy put Camden on his back and Camden snorkeled over his shoulder.  As there were heading out... mind you BARELY even in the water he starts hollering, "Daddy, do you see fish? Daddy, do you fish yet?!"  Daddy said that he would put his face in and then come up for a breath and yell "FISH"!  As soon as he saw the Hawaiian fish Humu-Humu-nuku-nuku-aapu-aa, he yelled "Humu-humu- haka haka!!" and had every one around laughing.  He got to see turtles and lots of fish and it made his trip.  Once again I was reminded how lucky we are to have such an amazing Daddy!!!
Melted my heart!

Crazy kids ready for Wednesday night meeting.

On the Fourth of July we hiked into a black sand beach.  It was a long walk on the lava so Camden stayed with Auntie Kyla.  Tiana and Keaton did wonderfully though!

Uncle Ryan digging the kids a pool!

 We then headed down to Kona brothers for smoothies.  A friend of ours owns the shop and hands down the best coffee ever!


Don't mind us as we show our goofy side!

Sweet Baby Brynlee!

Of course, since we are all together we have to get an updated family photo!

Trying out the robe swing... which at low tide doesn't work very well!

It looks great... until you drop in 1 foot of water!

The kids thought it was great though!

Uncle Ryan got the bright idea that Keaton should hold on up tall and he would swing him out into the water.... sounded good....

...until Keaton just let go of the rope!  Basically Ry just pushed him into the ocean! We all had a good laugh!

This already doesn't look like a good idea!

This works much better!

 We found a star fish in the waves!!!  We all got to hold it, it was really cool to feel it suction down on our palms!

When Uncles ride in the car with you, they make you do weird things.  If your name is Camden you do everything you are asked no matter how goofy!  We were surprised to find out that Camden actually CAN lick his elbow... you try it... NOT easy! And yes... we all had to try after this!  They also told him to smell his ear... which he tried REALLY hard to do for a good long while... but alas, he isn't THAT talented!

Uncle Ryan with the kids before he had to go home!