Friday, August 16, 2013

Days 15-19 and Family Photos!

Saturday everyone hiked down and snorkeled Captain Cook, Kyla and I stayed with the kids but Keaton went and did great!  We went down to the turtle beach and saw 30-40 turtles!!

Keaton kept up with all of the adults and had a blast!

With enough energy to be goofy as well!

Being an alligator!

Hiding and scaring those behind him!

 Sunday morning sweeties!
 Monday we walked into this beautiful beach!
 There were turtles just right off the beach, a little one and two larger ones plus a few more that were swimming up and down the beach!

Dustin came in and ran right into a kid trap!

I never get tired of watching them!
My favorite photo from the entire trip!  So fun to see them so close!!

The Uncles, Daddy and Keaton hiked in to the next beach while the kids and I had hermit crab races!

Love her look as the hermit crab started crawling!

On your mark, get set GO!


Cute little Brynlee and Nana!

What a monkey!
 They are so cute when they are sleeping!
 Another day, another beach!

That evening we took family photos on the beach!

Cute little photographer!

Holding the sun!

Snorkeling in Kona one last time!

Touching a crab... seriously impressive for Keaton!

 We stopped at the white sand beach on the way home to catch a few waves!

Tunnels in the sand!