Saturday, August 17, 2013

Our house!!!

We have so enjoyed watching the progress as the weeks go by!  It has been so nice being close enough to check in and watch work being done!
We broke ground on July 19th!!!!!!
Week 1:

One really dirty blondy!
 Week 2:

Keaton standing in his room!

Lil Miss Tiana in her room!

Mr. Camden in his room!

 Week 3:
Looking into Tiana's room in the basement.  The garage is on the right.

Sitting on the wall by the guest bath and back bedroom.

The basement is behind them with the dining room above.  The middle area is the great room and the pop-out on the left is the master bedroom.
 The past 2 weeks have been spent waiting for concrete to dry... a very boring but necessary thing!  They started the back fill today... there will be a LOT of fill going in!  Only 8 inches of the foundation on the main level will be showing after they finish filling!