Monday, August 5, 2013

Big Island Days 8-11

  Sunday Morning!!

Sunday sillies!
On Monday Derek Mark and Ryan went on a hike so we went down to send them off!  We stopped by Texs for fresh Molasadas... YUM!!

Watching them being made!

Yep they are good!!

Is there any doubt where this kid gets his goofiness?  This was SUPPOSED to be a "normal" photo!

At the top looking down!  They hiked back up and over the other side!

And they are off!

 From there we went on to the dairy... the reason we were able to go to Hawaii!!

Lava tube on the job!

These cows sure have an awesome view!!
 We went on to Laupahoehoe, the kids learned about tsunami's since this was were there was one in 1946.  It is a sobering yet beautiful place!

 After we got home we found a TINY gecko in the condo!

 We went to the white sand beach again the next day!

Keaton played in the water so long, he was exhausted!
He was relaxing... until a wave got him!
 Tiana spent hours on Daddy's back boogie boarding!

Our Sandcastle!!

Which he took great pleasure in crashing!

Taking photos!

Camden holds his breath WAY before going under!

WHAT a cutie little Brynlee is!!!!