Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Whew... Made it!

Well, we made it through the month!  YAY!  We listed our house and 1 and a half days later it was sold!  We are moved out and mostly settled at my parents house until our house is done being built!  They have a job going in Hawaii so we get to house sit for them for a bit.  The kids have really enjoyed having a big yard to play in this past week!  That explains our absence here though!  We are waiting for the internet to get set up on our computer so that I can upload some photos.
Just a few quick little quotes:

 Camden refers to everything in the past as "yester-time"

Camden: Mommy do you know why we have shoulders?
Me: why?
Camden: So our arms don't fall off!
Keaton lost his first tooth on the 25th!! He is VERY excited about this and has the cutest little hole in his mouth! We went to his parent teacher conference before spring break and of course he is doing wonderfully.  He is one of the top in his class and has perfect grades!!  He is reading.... but doesn't think he can read!  We can sit him down with an easy reader book and he can ready most all of it.  However, if he misses even one word he thinks he didn't read it!  One of these days he will get the self confidence, until then we will just keep encouraging and cheering him on.
Last Friday, Tiana spent a lot of the day practicing riding Keaton's bike that doesn't have training wheels on.  I saw her but couldn't help her with my ankle and as soon as she saw me watching she would stop trying.  I wasn't sure how well she was really doing but just admiring that she kept trying.  Saturday morning she asked Daddy to take off her training wheels... he did and she took off.  She taught herself how to ride!!  She can stop and start without help and looks like she has been riding without training wheels for months now!  Daddy was a bit sad that he didn't get to teach her.  That is our girl though... VERY stubborn to try anything new until it is HER idea.  Then, watch out because NOTHING will get in her way!
Tiana had a rough week with her asthma again... she was put on antibiotics and she is finally big enough for Advair!  YAY, she was able to add this med INSTEAD of Prednisone!!!  Yes it is one more med but any med that will replace Prednisone is good news.  Her specialist was really not happy with how bad her lungs sounded.  This is the first time that he has seen first hand how bad she gets.  He was amazed that she was on ALL her meds and her lungs still sounded so bad.  We went through an hour and a half test today that I will talk about after we get results!  Until then, I will wait on the edge of my chair willing the phone to ring!  I really don't think that she has what we tested for but I will still be greatly relieved once the final results are actually in.

~Update~ We had Tiana tested for Cystic Fibrosis!!  The specialist had said that with a child who's lungs are THIS bad it makes him wonder about Cystic Fibrosis!  All children in the state of Idaho I guess are tested but because she was born in Montana, she had not previously been tested.  We had a sweat test on Tuesday... she did AMAZING through the entire test.  It wasn't a walk in the park for part of it.  We got test results back and it was NEGATIVE!  YAY!  Our gut instinct was that she didn't have it but it still was a huge worry until we found out for sure.  I have to laugh when I think that basically finding out that she has REALLY REALLY bad lungs and asthma is GOOD news! However, in light of the alternative, I will take asthma.  So poor thing will probably have to live with this all of her life but we are learning each month how to better control it!


Shane & Suzanne Kleppen said...

Very exciting news about a new house for you! I don't comment much, but I enjoy seeing your beautiful pictures and your growing kids! Loved your pictures of your recent vacation! Looked very relaxing!