Thursday, April 4, 2013


The kids did amazing during our long week of packing and moving!  There were quite a few firsts even though most of our days were filled with boxes!
They entertained themselves with curly fries!
"Look Mom, a mustache!"

Keaton lost his first tooth!!

SOOOO excited! For some reason his little hole is so much more noticeable than Tiana's... I love seeing it while he talks and smiles!

Anytime they could, Tiana and Camden would swipe a sharpie and draw pictures on the boxes!  Packing isn't fun but I loved running across the cutest little drawings.
We had a great turnout on the big moving day!!!  The guys made record time loading all of our things into a semi truck .  Everything gets to hang out in there until our house is done!  A HUGE thank you to ALL that helped us out!!!!

Goodbye House!!!  We closed on this house March 29th 2007... we lived here EXACTLY six years... to the day!  We closed on March 29th 2013!  Crazy little fact that we discovered!

I mentioned that the other first was that Tiana is now riding without training wheels!!

Camden was helping Daddy put together our playset!