Thursday, April 18, 2013

Settled in

We are all settled in here at Nana and Papa's house.  We are loving the extra space inside and out!!!
Camden the Super angry bird!

Probably the last photo of the "cousins" with baby girl inside!
Camden (about baby cousin): "when's she gonna come outta there?"
Me: Oh probably in a couple weeks!"
Camden: "is she gonna POP out or are we gonna PULL her out?!?"

Camden also had a revelation at lunch the other day... 
"Did you know that Auntie Kyla ATE a baby, she swallowed it!! Her tummy is very big!!!" 
I love it when the kids giggle and have fun together!

Our setup in the basement.  We have an awesome playroom and our computer is set up for me to work.  In the background is my sewing stuff and Daddy's fly tying station!  Please excuse the huge pile of clothes, I just got out their summer things and everything needs ironed! We are really enjoying it down here!

Keaton with Jinx... Jinx really is Keaton's kitty!  She loves him and meets him at the bus every day!  They both enjoy climbing the tree together!

Izzy is a bit jealous of Jinx and was really trying to figure out how she could join them in the tree!

Super Camden with his big muscles!

I will leave you with a Keatonism:
While driving home last night from meeting he was laughing really hard in the back seat.  Of course, this really annoyed his siblings, they kept asking why he was laughing but he just would ignore them and continue.  I told him that he really needed to tell us why he was laughing or just stop please.  He told us something that had happened at school... it really wasn't funny!  Of course none of us laughed.  Keaton asks why we aren't laughing, it really was funny.
Me: "Honey, I just really think that this is one of those times that you had to be there to understand why it was funny"
Keaton: "I know, Mom, I WAS there!!!"