Monday, March 4, 2013

Home Sweet Home

We enjoyed our vacation and loved relaxing but boy oh boy were we ready to get home to our kids!  They did great but we really missed them!!
I have been wanting to take photos of each of them and they way that they write their names since they each have their own little ways that are so cute. Keaton usually writes the cutest little curly "e" and a capital "A"... when it came time to write his name for photos, he giggled and wrote a perfect "e" and "a"!  Of course!  When he got done with the a I told him to write a little bit bigger... so he giggles and writes a huge "t"!  Goofy kid!  Tiana has the cutest little tails on her "a" and "n"!  Camden of course can't write his name yet but he draws the cutest little people, with big grins and lots of hair!

I was at the orthopedic doctor with Camden and my X-rays are up on the screen, Camden says, (gasp) "Mom you have skeleton feet!!!!"
I told him that he had skeleton feet too! He replied "Yes but I have big muscles on my skeleton!"

As for a foot update, I got my MRI results today and the fracture is worse than they originally thought.  The doctor was worried about me being in an air cast and said that if I had ANY pain that I needed to be back in the boot. Needless to say, I got home after being on my feet a bunch today and had to go back into the boot.  I can't start any physical therapy until the fracture has healed more.  The concern is that it could re-fracture very easily at this point so I must be VERY careful... nothing high impact at all this next month.  This should making moving a bit interesting to say the least!