Thursday, April 25, 2013

Down another tooth and Sewing for ME

On the 23rd Keaton lost his second tooth!
 Yesterday was my birthday so I made myself a new skirt!! I love it and have to admit I may be making a few more of these!!

For a new ankle update... I went to the orthopedic doctor on Tuesday and am waiting to have a CT scan.  I am still having a really sharp shooting pain if I land wrong on my foot.  I have to be really careful all the time still... which is NOT normal after 12 weeks of healing.  Both doctors are concerned and suspect that I need surgery.  They are looking at the space between the bones that is supposed to cushion your ankle bones.  It feels like bone against bone when I land wrong so this would make sense.  I am still in the boot until I find out more.  I cheated yesterday... well because face it, I am just plain TIRED of the boot!  The doctor said that on the off chance that the CT comes back good, they are changing their course of  action on treatment.  I am just glad we are finally doing something rather than sit around had wait for it to heal.
As if that isn't enough I sewed my finger yesterday! I just have to laugh at this point! I have always wondered how people managed to do that... now I know!  My thread was tangled so I was hand turning the wheel to get it loosened enough to cut the thread.  I was holding onto the fabric so that it wouldn't tear while turning the hand crank and dialed the needle right through the top of my fingernail... then panicked and turned the dial the wrong way only pushing the needle deeper!!  Just in case you were wondering... that REALLY hurts!  At this point I am really due for some GOOD luck!


Twila said...

My first thought on the sewing finger was, "Oh! Kyla!" ;-) Been there, done that..

As for the skirt.. might have to look at your pattern! Unless it's from that skirt class (or whatever) you guys took.

Also, love how the boot matches your shirt! ;-) heehee