Thursday, April 4, 2013


Well we had our annual Easter egg hunt with Jeff and Anna and Kids on Saturday this year!  The kids are getting REALLY good at finding eggs and in record time! I just love that everyone has a best friend when we get together with them! Camden and Troy have been soooo cute together lately, playing games, chatting, having fun!
Camden, that is a SERIOUSLY cheesy smile!

And of course we can't forget the goofy photo! Keaton was quite disgusted that Lily is just smiling!

My three adorable kids on Easter after Meeting!

This "funny face" look that Keaton is giving... that is one we get a lot when he is NOT wanting to do what we ask him to! I think I am seeing into the future teenage years with that look!

Me and my cute hubby!

And in more tooth news, Tiana lost her second tooth last night!  Daddy went to wiggle it and it came right out!!  Of course, as you can see by the permanent tooth behind... it was way overdue!