Thursday, April 25, 2013

Down another tooth and Sewing for ME

On the 23rd Keaton lost his second tooth!
 Yesterday was my birthday so I made myself a new skirt!! I love it and have to admit I may be making a few more of these!!

For a new ankle update... I went to the orthopedic doctor on Tuesday and am waiting to have a CT scan.  I am still having a really sharp shooting pain if I land wrong on my foot.  I have to be really careful all the time still... which is NOT normal after 12 weeks of healing.  Both doctors are concerned and suspect that I need surgery.  They are looking at the space between the bones that is supposed to cushion your ankle bones.  It feels like bone against bone when I land wrong so this would make sense.  I am still in the boot until I find out more.  I cheated yesterday... well because face it, I am just plain TIRED of the boot!  The doctor said that on the off chance that the CT comes back good, they are changing their course of  action on treatment.  I am just glad we are finally doing something rather than sit around had wait for it to heal.
As if that isn't enough I sewed my finger yesterday! I just have to laugh at this point! I have always wondered how people managed to do that... now I know!  My thread was tangled so I was hand turning the wheel to get it loosened enough to cut the thread.  I was holding onto the fabric so that it wouldn't tear while turning the hand crank and dialed the needle right through the top of my fingernail... then panicked and turned the dial the wrong way only pushing the needle deeper!!  Just in case you were wondering... that REALLY hurts!  At this point I am really due for some GOOD luck!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lazy Weekend

We went up to New Meadows last weekend with some good friends!  We did NOTHING all weekend and it was WONDERFUL!
Awww, love this little cutie!

Daddy and Keaton racing!

Maddie and Camden are such cute little friends!
 Camden: "Maddie, let's sing "Rich are the moments of blessing"."
Maddie: "But, I don't know that one!"
Camden: "That's ok you can just follow my lead"

Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Preschool

Tiana started a new preschool here last week so that she could get to know some of the kids that she will go to school with! She was SO excited, she woke up WAY early and bounced around until it was time to go.  We pull up and she says, "Uh Oh Mommy, I don't think I know ANYBODY!" She had a rough time letting me leave but she ended up doing amazing.  She loves it and the kids did so good to include her!  I made her a new dress for the occasion!
Pattern: Rachel by Funktional Threads (dress) and LilyGiggle Petal Pants (leggings)

Settled in

We are all settled in here at Nana and Papa's house.  We are loving the extra space inside and out!!!
Camden the Super angry bird!

Probably the last photo of the "cousins" with baby girl inside!
Camden (about baby cousin): "when's she gonna come outta there?"
Me: Oh probably in a couple weeks!"
Camden: "is she gonna POP out or are we gonna PULL her out?!?"

Camden also had a revelation at lunch the other day... 
"Did you know that Auntie Kyla ATE a baby, she swallowed it!! Her tummy is very big!!!" 
I love it when the kids giggle and have fun together!

Our setup in the basement.  We have an awesome playroom and our computer is set up for me to work.  In the background is my sewing stuff and Daddy's fly tying station!  Please excuse the huge pile of clothes, I just got out their summer things and everything needs ironed! We are really enjoying it down here!

Keaton with Jinx... Jinx really is Keaton's kitty!  She loves him and meets him at the bus every day!  They both enjoy climbing the tree together!

Izzy is a bit jealous of Jinx and was really trying to figure out how she could join them in the tree!

Super Camden with his big muscles!

I will leave you with a Keatonism:
While driving home last night from meeting he was laughing really hard in the back seat.  Of course, this really annoyed his siblings, they kept asking why he was laughing but he just would ignore them and continue.  I told him that he really needed to tell us why he was laughing or just stop please.  He told us something that had happened at school... it really wasn't funny!  Of course none of us laughed.  Keaton asks why we aren't laughing, it really was funny.
Me: "Honey, I just really think that this is one of those times that you had to be there to understand why it was funny"
Keaton: "I know, Mom, I WAS there!!!"

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Well we had our annual Easter egg hunt with Jeff and Anna and Kids on Saturday this year!  The kids are getting REALLY good at finding eggs and in record time! I just love that everyone has a best friend when we get together with them! Camden and Troy have been soooo cute together lately, playing games, chatting, having fun!
Camden, that is a SERIOUSLY cheesy smile!

And of course we can't forget the goofy photo! Keaton was quite disgusted that Lily is just smiling!

My three adorable kids on Easter after Meeting!

This "funny face" look that Keaton is giving... that is one we get a lot when he is NOT wanting to do what we ask him to! I think I am seeing into the future teenage years with that look!

Me and my cute hubby!

And in more tooth news, Tiana lost her second tooth last night!  Daddy went to wiggle it and it came right out!!  Of course, as you can see by the permanent tooth behind... it was way overdue! 


The kids did amazing during our long week of packing and moving!  There were quite a few firsts even though most of our days were filled with boxes!
They entertained themselves with curly fries!
"Look Mom, a mustache!"

Keaton lost his first tooth!!

SOOOO excited! For some reason his little hole is so much more noticeable than Tiana's... I love seeing it while he talks and smiles!

Anytime they could, Tiana and Camden would swipe a sharpie and draw pictures on the boxes!  Packing isn't fun but I loved running across the cutest little drawings.
We had a great turnout on the big moving day!!!  The guys made record time loading all of our things into a semi truck .  Everything gets to hang out in there until our house is done!  A HUGE thank you to ALL that helped us out!!!!

Goodbye House!!!  We closed on this house March 29th 2007... we lived here EXACTLY six years... to the day!  We closed on March 29th 2013!  Crazy little fact that we discovered!

I mentioned that the other first was that Tiana is now riding without training wheels!!

Camden was helping Daddy put together our playset!