Saturday, July 30, 2011

Family BBQ

We headed over to Weiser today for a family bbq with some of our extended family who is visiting.  There are so many little ones running around!  Keaton jumped right in the middle but Camden and Tiana took quite a while to warm up and it was only when all the other kids got tired of the slip and slide that they ventured over to try it out!

Getting a little push from Daddy, which he discovered was LOTS of fun!

Tiana of course has to have a turn too!

Trying it out all by herself... love her look!

While trying to get a photo of the girls Lincoln ran in to join the crew!  So cute!  It amazes me that Tiana is the youngest one of this group by a few months.  Lincoln is only a few months older but Chloe is 2 years older and Cora about 8 months older.

Keaton was busy with the big boys!  I love that Gage and Keaton got a bit acquainted today since they are close in age!

The big boys were making the water stop and then waiting until Camden bent down and turned it back on.  Camden thought this was so funny!

What a great way to spend a Saturday!


Martine Irene said...

Cute pictures, Kyla! I love the one of all the little girls (& Lincoln)!!