Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Birthday Gift

I just finished a little something for Camden for his birthday, which is coming right up!!  I finally made him his very own bible case.  Right now he has been wanting to carry in the diaper bag all by himself, "me do it" he keeps telling me.  All the while it is dragging on the ground and he can hardly do it but he has to try.  I used this tutorial which is the same one that I used for Keaton's.  I modified it a little bit by sizing it down to toddler size and then using an even shorter strap than I did on Keaton's.  The idea of the messenger bag is that it hangs across your body but Keaton has a hard time wearing it that way.  He wants to wear it around his neck which just looks uncomfortable... I fixed that in this one and just made the strap short so that he can put it on his shoulder.  I can't wait to see his reaction!!!
To add a little something special I hand embroidered his name on the front.  Time consuming but I love how it turned out!

Under the flap is a crayon holder!

Pockets inside of course!
One last photo that we will leave you with... Tiana and baby Winston last week!