Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4th of July Weekend

My Grandparents had their 60th anniversary over the weekend of the 4th so most of the family was able to get together at the family home in New Meadows.  It was so nice getting to see my cousins and their kids.  We were missing 6 of the great-grandkids I think but the girls definitely outnumber the boys!!!  Lucas and Keaton stuck together and Tiana had the time of her life!  She LOVED being around all the girls!!
This was so cute, the "tractor" provided great entertainment for the kids.  They good rides and played for hours on it when it was parked.  Keaton or Lucas were the drivers... the girls were telling them where they wanted to go... and Keaton would tell them how much it would cost them!!!!  Girls: Let's go to California... Keaton: That will be $28 please!

Tiana loved been doted upon by all the older girls!

Camden discovered that he could stand on the heater and peak out the window at the big kids playing!

Some of the girls!  I love how with girls you get out a camera and they all just smile on command!

Lucas and Tiana are really close in age and they were chatting in here having a great time giggling!

Little Liliana striking a pose!

She is a shy little girl, like Tiana was, so I just loved getting to know her!

There was LOTS of bike riding.

Lots of swimming!

And lots of cuteness!!

Ryan and Chelsea being goofy, as per normal!

Camden riding just like the big people!  He would walk the bike up the hill then pick his feet up and go backwards all the way down!!

Game playing was done by the kids and the adults... us adults played way later into the night of course!

Taking turns with the Dr. Seuss game.

We lit off some fireworks on Sunday night and Tiana was inside the house watching down the hall, through the garage, and outside... far enough away but still enjoying them!!!

Getting a closer look... through the wrong side of the binoculars!

I coaxed/forced her to come outside and the entire time was a steady stream of "I want to go to bed, this is scary, oh look it is red, I want to go to bed, Oh pretty GREEN....".

Got a smile as long as both of us were covering her ears!

Camden and Auntie Kyla.

Keaton and Gracie having fun with sparklers.

Tiana was NOT impressed!

Trying their best to burn the weeds!!
Trying out the hula hoop for the first time!

Attempting to hula hoop!

Camden would put it over his head then drop it while stomping his feet as fast as he could!!

A van full riding from one house down the hill to the other house (don't worry, dirt hill/driveway).

He doesn't care what color it is he just wanted to ride a bike!

My red, white and blue, 4th of July kids.

 Daddy and Papa had to go home then and work but Nana and I stayed up for the rest of the week.
We went into McCall to watch the big fireworks by the lake.

Camden liked them if he covered his ears!

Tiana did good and this time it was a steady stream of, "Oh THAT'S my favorite, No THAT'S my favorite, I like the purple ones, THAT is my favorite!"

My mom found a little tree frog to show the kids.... funny story.  When we were trying to get it into the container it jumped into the sink... and down the garbage disposal!!!!  We both had the same look on our face of horror imagining the outcome of that!  She fished him out though, unharmed, to show the kids!

All the girls wanted to hold it... the boys on the other hand... NO!  Camden did ok the first second.....

Then not so much!  Keaton didn't want to hold it either!

Camden had his first.... and second s'more!  Right at the beginning of the bonfire one of the marshmallows dropped in the dirt so we threw it into the fire... so we roasted one for Camden... it was perfect... and he looked at it funny and threw it into the fire!  He thought that was what we were supposed to do with them!

My adorable, messy kids!
On a side note, Tiana has now learned how to skip... very early for her age... so that is her preferred mode of transportation!
Also, right before we left Keaton woke up with the side of his jaw all swollen from his ear to his chin.  I took him to the doctor and they did some research and concluded that it was a clogged salivary gland.... the next morning he woke up with the other side swollen and in a LOT of pain.  It was clear then that he had the mumps.  It was ruled out by the doctor since he had been immunized and he wasn't running a fever and it was only on one side.  Once it moved to the other side and he got a low grade fever though it was clear.  He did great as long as we kept lots of pain meds in him.  As soon as they started wearing off he would crash and it would hurt SO bad!  Poor little guy!  Who knows where he got it but we are glad we are done with it.  Now we just hope that we didn't give it to anyone else!!!  The symptoms only last 4 days but they are contagious 3 days before and 9 days after symptoms start!  The incubation is anywhere from 12 to 21 days!