Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bunk beds!!!!

We found this bunk bed set on Craigslist last week!!  We were so excited to be able to get a $1600 bed for $350!!  Camden has been asking to have a big boy bed so this was perfect.  Camden's bed was REALLY low to the ground though which is good but didn't give me any storage under it.  So my handy husband added legs to add some height to it!  It worked perfect.  Still low enough for him to crawl up on but also gives us enough room to store their bigger clothes!  I have always wanted this style of bunk bed since it adds a lot of storage.  *Update* Keaton does great on the top bunk, LOVES it in fact!  Since it has railing all the way around it there really is not a fear of falling out.  Also we have talked to him about how he can't play up there and lean on the rail!

There is a desk on the right side and since we don't need a desk right now we were happy to find that three Ikea bins fit in the space perfectly!

The changing table while replaced soon with a dresser, as soon as the potty training has been completed.

Enjoying their beds!

I have been SO proud of my little boy!!!!  He got out of bed one time and hit is head on the ladder.... he hasn't gotten out of bed since.  He goes right to sleep and comes out happy when he wakes up!!!


Cassie said...

I'm thinking a bunk bed is in the cards for us and soon! how does Keaton do on the top bunk? Any rolling issues?