Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birthday Parties

The Thursday before Camden's birthday we had a play date at the Zoo!  The kids of course had fun as per normal!  Then Nana and I took them swimming at the pool of some friends of ours!

Camden is terrified of these animals!

Love this photo of Big Sister singing to Camden!

That's one way to eat a cupcake!

Cousin Remington and Kason enjoying their cupcakes!

These little Meerkats were the cutest animals this time.  They were playing right by the glass and the kids thought it was so funny!

Looking at the Zebra!

Peeking up in the window to see the Prairy Dogs!

My three little chicks!
 Friday, his actual birthday, we celebrated with our little family!  He got to open a few presents which he enjoyed.... he takes forever to open presents because each piece... even.the.little.ones... he would bring to us!

I love that the BEST reaction we got was to the handmade present!  He LOVES his bible case!

So happy to have his very own!

All the kids trying out the new car rug (since I was informed that the rug that we already have is a TRAIN rug and cars can't go on train tracks!) and a few new cars.

He sang Happy Birthday to himself very loudly!  The candles didn't last past the first part of the song though... he blew them out right away!

Here mom take these so I can EAT!

Saturday they were entertained with this for quite a while!  So cute!

Our door knob needs replaced so Daddy took it off during the day Saturday to try to find a new one!  The kids thought this was great fun!  Keaton peeking through.
Camden couldn't peek but he could poke!!!

They all thought this was just so funny!
 The Official Robot Party:
We had his big family party on Sunday evening!  I had so much fun with this party (I think I say that every time).  These little party favors I saw somewhere online and knew I had to make them!  They were a hit, the kids LOVED them!

 This little guy is just too cute!  There were lots of shapes of robots out there but I loved this one!  I got some silver dust that I brushed on top to make it look shiny.  It turned out HUGE!!!  The arms and legs are donuts that I dipped in frosting then brushed with a little silver.
The adorable cake!

Love the googly eyes and "hair"!

Pendant banner I made on the fireplace.

The cake was a little to big for him to be comfortable sitting next to!  He kept saying it was scary... probably the only kid that thinks a CAKE is scary!  He did like it just not this close and on top of the table!

Showing us how old he is.

Oh and yes, this is another way to show that he is two!  He loves showing everyone he is two this way and the other way!

Computer chips, Nuts and Bolts, and Machine Oil!

There were some visitors coming to the party.........

It is so fun having young uncles that love going all out for the kids!!!

Tiana was TERRIFIED... that is until Uncle Derek peeked at her from under his robot head... then she loved it!

Robot Tiana.

Camden was not so impressed.  He cried the entire time they had their outfits on and there are now "nice" robots and "mean" robots!  They gave him a present that he opened but it didn't help him like them any better.  We had to put the costumes outside way out of sight so that he would start having fun again!

Playing with his new ball, wearing his new jersey!

Seeing his new bike!

He loves that when the big kids ride their bikes he doesn't have to ride in the stroller anymore, he can ride a bike!!!  I took him on a ride last night though and boy oh boy is it interesting.  I can steer it from my handles which is great most of the time... every once and a while though he decided to steer... aka wiggle the handlebars back and forth really fast.  It is crazy trying to keep it on course... just keeps me on my feet I guess!

Singing "Happy Birthday to ME"

He had a wonderful time, Thank you to all our family that helped him celebrate!  He is a little worried that his "Robot is boken" (the cake is broken) but other than that he has no lasting trauma from his robot encounter!
Just a couple little Camden things I want to remember... He says anything and everything except car and cat.  They are brmmbrrmms and meeeows.