Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birthday Boy

My little boy is now TWO!  There are times that I am not sure where the time has gone but we are just enjoying every day with our little ones because it goes by so fast!  Camden is officially totally 100% potty trained now.  It was easier than it is supposed to be with boys but I am not complaining.  All but one day he only had one accident (he had one rough day with 3 accidents) but that didn't even last a week.  We have been 8 days now with no accidents and I haven't been telling him he has to go potty, he comes and tells me!!  We are SO proud of him... we have a problem though... most of his shorts don't fit anymore.  Turns out that his diaper was the only thing keeping them up, now that he is in underwear they like to fall down.  I have had to put a few pairs away for next summer and soon I may have to dig into his 12-18 month pairs to get us by!  At least with shorts you can do that... not sure what we will do once he has to wear pants since he is tall.  Don't think that many places make 24 month or 2T slim pants!  It is so nice to officially have NO kids in diapers!!!! YAY!!!  He is talking in full sentences and won't STOP talking!  This kid jabbers ALL the TIME!  He also LOVES spicy food.  He will eat a taco IF there is lots of salsa in it... in fact he will eat the salsa out plain.  We can get him to eat just about anything if we give him something spicy to dip it in!  Nana canned us some pepperoncini peppers and he eats them whole!  It is amazing!
For his birthday we had a robot party.  He loves robots and I saw a party that was a really cute robot theme and wanted to do it!  I made him a shirt of course... I loved this one at Pumpkin Patch but at $20 plus $5 shipping... NO THANKS!  So I got a $3 tee at Children's Place and made my own.  I used fabric markers for the first time and just looked at the shirt I liked and drew this out!  I love the way that it turned out and most importantly... so does he!  Now we will see how it washes up...
I bought some fabric a while ago that just looked robot like that I didn't end up using on his shirt so I made up one of those little pendant banners you see everywhere right now.  I just serged all the edges and then hung it up for his photos and then his party.  I knew exactly where I wanted his photos done... there is this metal door in downtown Nampa that was perfect for a robot theme!  Camden did great for photos and had a fun time!

Close up of the robot!

I took the pocket off the front of the shirt and added it to the sleeve... just for fun!

Love those brown eyes!

His invite... well minus the party info!