Sunday, October 3, 2010

The rainy days at the beach

 So we really are alive and well around here we have just been gone and then busy recovering!  We went to the Oregon Coast for a little over a week.  It was wonderful, the kids had a blast and so did we.  Enjoy lots of photos!
Ok so not at the beach but Keaton loves to build all sorts of creations with his blocks now!
SO happy to finally be at the beach in our condo!  We LOVED where we were staying.  We were right on the beach with a washer and dryer in the unit (huge with kids and sand and wet clothes).  They did wonderful in the car.  We left after Keaton had preschool so it was a long drive that wasn't started until noon!!

The next morning it was really raining but we had to go out on the beach anyways!

After Camden got a morning nap we went down to the pier and Mo's for lunch.  We were within walking distance of both in Lincoln city!

Keaton says, here, take a picture with me like this, it would be so cute!  He is into posing now which is fun!

Now these next few show our goofy girl!  She kept making faces, waiting until I took a photo and then asking to see it... then repeat!

On Saturday we went down to Depot bay to see if we could see any whales!  We had wonderful luck... the rock wall that Tiana is sitting on drops down into the water.  The water is about 30 feet deep there and the whales were right along it feeding!  It was AMAZING to see them so close.  All the kids even got to see them which was quite a highlight.  Here Tiana is telling us how big the whales were!

After we watched all the whales for a while we went down to Newport to walk around and see the Sea Lions!

Keaton being "crabby"!
Camden loved the Sea Lions.  He kept saying "aaarf  aaaarf" back to them!

We had to drag the kids away from them after quite a while!
After naps we headed down to the beach in the rain!  In the background are the condos we stayed at.

The first of MANY sand castles!


Twila said...

Did you eat at Tidal Raves? The BEST restaurant on the Oregon Coast! (at least it has been, I haven't been there for two years)..????