Monday, October 25, 2010

Nighttime Sewing

A positive to having LOTS of sick days and not going anywhere is I have got LOTS of sewing done!  I finally took a few photos this morning of a few of the dresses I have made lately.  Excuse Tiana's crazy hair and quick snapshots because I just plain don't feel great!
My Mother-in-law brought everything over to my house to make these wreaths!  So we had a craft day outside enjoying one of our last nice days of fall.  Both my sister in laws were here also so the kids played/took naps while we each made ourselves something fun for fall!  Here is the little owl that graces our living room wall!  I just LOVE the way that it turned out!

Here is a close up!

Dress number one!  I actually finished this a week ago but just got around to taking a photo.  I got the knit on the bottom on clearance at Hobby Lobby and sewed it on to a t-shirt.  It is plenty big and will probably fit her next winter too!

This was not quite so cheap knit but oh so nice!  It is new Michael Miller knit and I am in LOVE!!!!  If you have ever worked with knit you know how it rolls on the ends... not this!!  It is thick and so nice to work with.  This is a pattern from Mod Kid.  Comfy and cute!
Same pattern different fabric.  This is also Michael Miller knit and I can't wait until they come out with their new line... it looks as good as this one!  Oliver + S just came out with knit also and I am curious how it compares..... might have to order some and see.  Tiana loves both of these dresses.  I also used some scraps of knit to make a couple hair things... I will have to take photos of those sometime too.
This was the easiest dress!  I found this ruffle fabric at Hobby Lobby a while ago and knew exactly what I wanted to do.  I got another black t-shirt and sewed it on... easy as that!


Billie said...

Your little girl is growing up! Dresses and child are adorable.

Cassandra said...

love it all! knit dresses are really the best, and can be made so fancy, but still be comfy for the girls!

Martine Irene said...

Darling, Kyla! Love every dress. I'm sure they are EASY, IF YOU ARE A SEAMSTRESS, but alas...I'm NOT!!! Like your owl wreath, too! All very creative.

Nice to see Benji, Tiana and Camden @ gospel mtg. Sunday for a bit...but didn't see you or Keaton!

AmyB said...

These are the CUTEST dresses! I'm so glad Tiana is older so I can steal all of your ideas :-) I should go shopping with you find such great stuff at HL. I can't find the time to browse anymore. Bah. Maybe when hubby gets home in a few months I can! Great sewing!!

AmyB said...

I meant to ask also...did you use tulle on that layered dress? I love the look of that peeking out. I'm wondering how you attached all of the layers. I need a quick and easy way to do that. I've seen several methods. Clearly I need to take lessons from you!

Sandra Ramey said...

Nice....very nice! Thanks for sharing!

Aleigh said...

You should sew your dresses and sell them!! I LOVE dress #1!!!