Sunday, October 3, 2010

The middle days

Sunday morning was beautiful... during meeting is was beautiful... during lunch it was beautiful... during naps it was beautiful.... the kids woke up and it starting pouring rain and it was very windy!  Oh well we took a walk on the beach anyways and came home soaking wet!  Monday we decided to go down to the Oregon Coast Aquarium since it was supposed to be cool and rainy anyways.  On the way back we stopped by the beach for a couple of hours and enjoyed the wet sand!

Ready for meeting way early!!

Photo thanks to Keaton!

Tiana tries her hand at the camera.... not too bad!

My goon!

Small chair for all those kids!

At the aquarium.

Tiana loved the jellyfish!

On the walk down to our favorite beach.  It is usually very quiet.

Drawing in the sand.

Off by himself playing away!

Filling the moat with water!

Watching the kite!!  He was sooooo scared of it!  I was trying to distract him by taking a photo of us but as you can tell, he was still quite worried!

One reason we love this beach is the fresh water stream to clean off in!

In the evening we had to head in to town to pick up Tiana's inhaler so we got a little walk on the beach in at sunset!