Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Seuss-tastic Day

We had a busy week getting ready to party....  Dr Seuss like!  We started by getting our first pet!  Meet Buster... Buster Bronco... you know... orange fish... blue rocks... had to be Buster!
Then we had some fun!  Keaton was a trooper having NO clue what we were trying to do in the end but posing how we told him.  He was quite concerned when we tried to explain it to him because he was afraid he would drop his brand new fish!  He was SO surprised to see the finished result, he loved it!  I made him his shirt and LOVE the way it turned out!
Here was his invite.  I found some wording online that I liked.

They got to help me make frosting... now that Camden doesn't want to be left out I realized that we don't have enough beaters so Camden got the spatula which he was fine with... as long as he got frosting!


The final result of the Thing 1 Thing 2 cupcakes, cake and red fish blue fish cookies!  And of course my big 4 year old!

The cake is 5 layers!  I was a little worried about it but it went very well.  The bottom layer (brim of the hat) is just three layers of cardboard covered in frosting.  I did put a layer of cardboard after three layers also.

I also printed out famous Dr Seuss sayings and printed them out to lay around on the table.  I also had all of our Dr. Seuss books around the house.

Camden was quite infatuated with the (hat).   When Daddy got home he was the first one to run outside and drag Daddy in by the hand all the time saying "hat, hat hat"!

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish (swedish fish), Blue fish (jello jiggler fish).

Green eggs and ham!

He had a WONDERFUL party and just loved EVERY minute of it.  All day he referred to himself as "the Cat" and Tiana as "Thing 1" and Camden as "Thing 2".  We would hear "Mommy, Thing 2 is making a mess!" or  "The Cat is very excited"!

We got him a bigger bike which he was excited about.  Tomorrow night we are going to take it for a test drive!

The whole family... we captured Thing 1 and 2 long enough for a photo! (I made the Thing 1 and 2 shirts also... you will be seeing them again for Halloween this year)
Part of me can't believe that he is 4 already... the other part thinks that I have 3 kids so I had BETTER have a 4 year old!  He is now a preschooler and not a toddler.

Keaton got some Bronco hair for his birthday and today Camden had to give it a try.  He thought it was so funny!

And of course Tiana can't be left out!
 I hope to get a video of it soon but today we were teaching Camden what a chicken says (bawk bawk bawk) and I couldn't figure out why he kept bonking himself on the head!  When you ask him what a chicken says he says "bonk bonk bonk" while whacking himself on his head!
Here are a few conversations with Keaton:

Me: Can I have a kiss please?
Keaton: NO, you have cuties!
Me:........ cuties?
Keaton: Yes, my uncles told me, girls have cuties!!

Aaaahaa.  Cooties.. thanks... now I have a hard time getting a kiss from him!

Conversation Number 2:

Me: Please, don't do that. Don't even think about it!
Keaton: I am not going to do that. But I am going to sit here and think about doing it!

I know it is a silly thing to say as a Mom but it just pops out and until now I haven't thought twice about how silly it sounds to a kid.  He just proved his point that really I can't control his thoughts so why even threaten.  All I probably did is plant the idea that he could think about doing it!  Kids keep me on my toes that's for sure!


Cassandra said...

Such a cute idea and you did such a great job! So sorry we missed out...

MSue and BMcD said...

Kyla!! Everything turned out awesome!! I love this theme, way to go mamma!

Aleigh said...

What an AWESOME birthday party!! Looks great!!! How on earth did you do that photoshoot? Or is it photoshopped? Looks amazing!!