Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Keaton's preschool took a field trip to the pumpkin patch and we got to tag along!  I didn't get very many photos of Keaton because he was busy playing with his friends.  It was a fun morning before we all got sick!!!  Poor Tiana with her asthma had a couple REALLY rough and scary days and one EXTREMELY bad night.  She was breathing about 60 breaths a minute and nebulizer treatments weren't helping that much or for that long.  She is doing better now but can't seem to get rid of her cough.  Just as we were getting the kids better from their colds, Keaton picked up a tummy bug and I got their cold.... so I have been miserable and we are hoping Keaton doesn't share his new bug!!  Camden is talking SO much now!  I hear "ma-ma' ma-ma'" all day!  When I say what he will often say "hhhiii"  in a little sing song voice.  He sure knows how to sweet talk.  He will come up to me holding (ish cackas) goldfish crackers and say "ma-ma' hhhiiii, ish cackas ease"  How can you resist, especially with a please at the end!  I am also hearing him say sissy and kneenon (Keaton) all day.  It is cute to see him hollar for them!  We always know when he is going to be stinky because we hear grunting and then he declares "poop!"  Especially great while we are sitting in meeting let me tell you!!!  hedhog (hedgehog) is another new word, he has a shirt with one on it.  He says down when he wants up, not sure why but that one won't last long since we always correct him.  He also says "bonco" (bronco) "oise state" (boise state) "irs down" (first down) and "tutdown" touch down.... and all balls are "ootballs" so we have another football fan.  He calls himself "andon" and has thought up a name for his pacifier... that one I will have to get on video because I don't know how on earth to type it!  He will attempt to say anything you tell him to and the words that he uses on a daily basis are increasing every day.  He has also in the past week figured out how to run!  It is so cute, his little legs move really really fast and he has a spring in his right foot.  Every step he takes with his right foot he bounces! 
The sheep were VERY funny!

Part of Keaton's class!  Yes all boys!  They just got one new little girl though!

Camden has perfected the climbing part but not so much the getting down!  He is a little chicken when it comes to ANYTHING high or scary!!  I heard "elp mama'" (help mama) and came to find this!

Taking photos was NOT part of the plan!  He was getting a little upset with me!

Fun tower Daddy built with the boys!