Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunny Days Finally!!

The rain finally decided to break so that we could enjoy the beach!  We went back to our favorite beach again for the day!

Love the two kids playing in the sand with the beautiful setting!

Daddy made a hole for the kids to play in!

Camden loved the beach too and didn't even eat much sand!

Working on another sand castle!

Most of the time Keaton was off by himself playing and imagining all sorts of things!  Don't know what was so funny but it was cute seeing him have conversations with the sand!

Right after lunch a wave washed over all of us!  So out came the swimsuits!

No trip is complete without at least one photo of Keaton jumping!!

Tiana was terrified of the waves getting her!

Daddy made them a little "pool".

Carrying buckets of water to fill up their pool.

All five sets of footprints!

Throwing sand balls!

We stopped on the way back to see if we could spot any more whales... one quite a ways out... nothing the kids could see.

Keaton wanted to take a photo.... not too bad!

Depot Bay